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How to Get Started

For every site you visit, you will receive one visitor back to your link. There's no limit to free visits you can receive per day. Have no time to surf? You can buy the traffic package instead or otherwise follow the below steps to get free traffic

What is a Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange is a service where participants can exchange traffic with other website owners. Each participant visits the websites of other members and receives hits in return the same way. A convenient browser is used that automatically displays sites that should be visited.

The traffic is seen from web analytics tools such as Google Analytics. It can be used to increase the number of visitors and metrics of a website or a blog. Full control is given through some of the features listed below.


Our features help you get quality traffic to your site and drive the right traffic for more conversions & revenue. Here are some of BitRewards Traffic Exchange's unique features that help you tailor traffic to your individual goals:

Mobile Users

Our advanced platform integrates mobile traffic into the mix, this helps you rank better on mobile devices.

Real Human Traffic

Our traffic exchange doesn't involve with bots, every visitor you receive from us is an actual user from our website

Visitor Duration

Make Visitors stay as long or short as you like, or pick a range so it appears more random and natural.

Bonus Cash Prizes

Stay focused while surfing and watch out for the cash prizes on random pages, claim as soon as you see them.

Scalable Results

Choose how many hits you want per day. Most traffic exchange sites limit you to 10,000 hits but we have no limit and consistently deliver more!

White Label Traffic

You decide where your traffic comes from, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest? Or maybe you want to enter your own or just want direct traffic? You decide!


Geo-targeting lets you receive hits from website visitors based on countries that are abundant in our network such as United States, France, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

Lower Bounce Rates

You can set what percent of visitors you would like to navigate to another page on your website or click a link on the page. This reduces bounce rates which is a big factor of quality traffic.


We make gaining unlimited visitors to your website more accessible than ever! Save on the expenses of online marketing and advertising by joining BitRewards Traffic Exchange today!

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